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It seems like a simple question, but in fact this is The World's Greatest Mystery - Why is there a PYRAMID on the back of the United States of America one-dollar bill?  There are thousands of opinions to explain away this mystery, but only one answer that is true.  An opinion is only a belief, which can always be changed, but the truth, when known, is a greater benefit.  The advantage of knowing the truth is well established in this old statement: And you will know the truth (notice that you "will know", not "believe") and the truth will make you free.  Now the answer to the question of why there is a pyramid on the one dollar bill - to force every person in the entire world to talk about Egypt! This answer is based on prophecy of Isaiah 19:19.20.

When the subtleties of the answer to this International Mystery are known by you, then and only then will you know that, "Whatever man sows, that he will also reap."  This statement is better known as "what goes around comes around."

I believe that you believe in this old saying, because it's one of the oldest main teachings of all the world's major religions!   Before you or anyone else can even start believing in this universal statute or any other, one must first be exposed to the teachings of those principals of that law.   Therefore, belief comes through teaching, but knowing can only come by teaching and the setting of an example!  The PYRAMID on the one-dollar bill is the only symbol in the whole world that will call attention to the main example set in world HISTORY denoting clearly, "whatever a man sows, that he will also reap."

In order for you to know what is meant by the phrase "call attention", I shall illustrate with an example: whenever the Statue of Liberty is observed, regardless of what the "Lady of Liberty" is printed on, be it a poster, a book, or even a beach towel or coffee mug, there is only one specific place on earth that is called to attention, and that is New York City!   Without exception, specifically Egypt is called to attention when a PYRAMID is observed (Is.19:19, 20).  Printing a PYRAMID on Egyptian money in Egypt would be normal and would not generate significant interest nor call any attention to the PYRAMID.

The PYRAMID on the one-dollar bill, however, sticks out like a sore thumb, to call attention to the history/example of the Egyptians sowing four hundred years of affliction upon the Hebrews in Egypt (Gen. 15:13).   As a result of that, the Egyptians, who are today called Blacks or African Americans, received back in full the four hundred years of affliction in that great nation promised to Abraham from God (Gen. 12:2, 3) and that great nation promised is the USA!   The Bible is the only document in the entire world that recorded the account of this history/example of sowing and reaping before the event took place (Is. 46:8, 10).

In light of these facts about sowing and reaping based on past events, we must recognize that no one, not even America owes Blacks/African Americans anything at all, not even the elusive illusion of "forty acres and a mule".   Instead, all so-called Blacks all over the world are indebted to tell the truth in love about the past evil and injustice done to the Hebrews in Egypt by the Egyptians.   When this historical example of sowing and reaping is widely known, (note the difference between "widely known" and "widely believed") peace and prosperity will be established on this planet (Is. 2:4).

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